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Natural wood windows for your home‘s brightness and warmth
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Natural wood windows for your home‘s brightness and warmth

Natural wood windows

Wooden windows and Wood is the symbol of nature that surrounds us. Wooden windows radiate warmth and comfort. A person in whose environment there is wood shows that he or she values real and not alleged values. Wood “breathes”, absorbs humidity from the environment and gives it back when there is a shortage of it. For these qualities, wood creates a uniquely comfortable environment. When observing the tendencies of mass market, nostalgia for the past, naturalness and ecology is clearly noticed. People that value a unique style, esthetics, that try to create a comfortable environment, more often choose wooden windows. Windows have a great importance when forming the facade of the house and creating the interior. A wide palette of colors, the variety of shapes and sizes, the ability to choose the type of wood are qualities for which wooden windows were liked not only by owners of homes, but also architects.

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  • Plastic windows

    The window frame serves a very important role in ensuring an effective heat isolation. Plastic windows beat wooden and aluminum windows in the point of view of the ratio between price and quality. Plastic windows are characterized by better heat preservation abilities and they can lessen the heating expenses. Plastic windows that meet the standard of a passive house can significantly lessen the consumption of energy. The windows of a passive house are made from quality PVC profiles and the three-glass packages that have already become customary, in which, we use two selective windows and a special warm frame (What is a passive house)

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  • Doors

    Interior and exterior doors is one of the main activities of UAB “Kontivis plius partneriai”. The company specializes in the sphere of production of interior and exterior plastic, aluminum and wooden doors. The company’s distinctive feature is the highest quality products at competitive prices! Due to a wide suggested assortment of doors and their accessories, we will create a vision of our home for everybody that wishes comfortable, safe and stylish homes.

    When listening to the Lithuanian folk wisdom – “Our home is our fortress”, we ask what sort of fortress is without trustworthy and safe interior and exterior doors? Exterior doors is an inseparable part of a home that performs not only the defensive function, but forms the esthetic image of the home as well.

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  • Aluminum constructions

    The main advantage of an aluminum construction is its light weight, longevity and easy care. Over many years, a solution that helps to remove the most important weakness of aluminum construction, a very small resistance to heat throughput was found; a novelty has appeared in the global market – an aluminum profile with a thermal bridge.

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  • Winter gardens

    Winter gardens are architectural elements of an individual house with glass walls and a glass roof. Many years ago, winter gardens were called orangeries. In orangeries, flowers, exotic fruit were grown. Nowadays, winter gardens can be useful in various situations: for rest after a hard workday, for reception of guests, for business negotiations, to create a romantic party atmosphere.
    Winter gardens are very beautiful, but complicated organisms in which everything is tied together for good functioning. Here details are unnecessary, each stage from the very start of planning and designing until the last moment when the installation work and equipment will be entirely completed is important. The designing of winter gardens is a very interesting and creative process, because there are no strict shape and color standards, everything depends only on Your imagination and abilities. Whether it will be integrated into the house or a house additive, winter gardens can be connected to the constructions of a house, a type of balcony or with small corridors. Of what shape: round, tetragonal, polygon, the winter garden will be. What space for Your fantasies, each winter garden is unique and not one or two products will show the owner’s individuality, will show your taste like a winter garden. From what materials it will be built, with what glass it will be glazed, shape, type, color, how and in what way snow will be cleaned from the roof or will it be a roof with heated windows – that is real art.

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  • partneriai

    UAB "Kontivis plius partneriai" was established in 2002 in Šiauliai. The company started its activities by producing interior, exterior doors and windows from glued wood.


    The company certifies its produced produce in accordance with the requirements raised by LST EN 1514:2004. With the expansion of production, the offered assortment of products expanded as well:

    Since the year 2003, windows, doors, partitions, winter gardens from aluminum profiles were put into production.
    • In the year 2005, the production line of Scandinavian windows and doors was installed in the company, which opened the way to the Scandinavian market.


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