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Natūralios medienos langai Jūsų namų šviesai ir šilumai...
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Aliuminio konstrukcijos - patogu, šviesu, patikima...
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Aliuminio konstrukcijos - patogu, šviesu, patikima...
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Aliuminio konstrukcijos - patogu, šviesu, patikima...

A natural wood window of 68 mm. European type, fettered with aluminum.

    • Aluminum profiles protect the wood from the harmful environmental effects: UV rays, rain, snow, dust, therefore the windows serve for more than one decade.
    • The windows are firm, but relatively lightweight, because the aluminum screen does not burden the hinged parts with its additional weight and works in a common construction with the wooden part.
    • Particularly good mechanical durability.
    • Low thermal conductivity.
    • Low noise conductivity.
    • Environmentally friendly and certified products, CE marking.
    • Safe and durable German ROTO FRANK AG adjustable lacing accessories.
    • Easy care.
    • Looks nice from the outside.

    European type wooden windows IV 68, fettered with a HOLZ PLUS BUG aluminum profile. Aluminum provides windows with the minimum maintenance and improves the product’s life expectancy. A window fettered with aluminum does not lose its beauty from the inside and the outside is protected from the harmful environmental effects.

    The frame of the wooden windows is produced from the highest quality glued pinewood; also optionally, windows can be made from a girder of another wood (oak, larch, mahogany (Meranti, Sipo, Sapeli)). One or two chamber wooden windows can be chosen. The thermal properties of the window, which can range from U 0.8W/m2K to 1.4 W/m2K, will depend on it. When using a selective glass package of one argon chamber with a “warm frame”, the window thermal conductivity is U 1.3 W/m2K.

    We can make wooden windows of not only standard dimensions, but also in accordance with individual orders and any color of your choice.

    At the customer’s request, the window can be dyed, lacquered and then fettered with aluminum in the desired color from the RAL palette. The clients choose the color of the wood of the window in accordance with the interior and exterior idea and in our factory; the window is dyed or lacquered.

    • The window frames are lacquered from both sides;

    • One side of the fame is lacquered, the other is dyed;

    • The frame is only dyed from both sides;

    • The sides of the window frame are dyed in different colors.

    • The client chooses the colors from the RAL palette.

    We use only special dyes and varnishes of the Finnish company TEKNOS, which are very durable and protect the window from direct sunlight, humidity, water, cold, and heat and mechanic effect. The longevity only increases between them, therefore we take the dyeing and lacquering process very seriously.

    All of the wooden windows we produce are granted a 5-year warranty!