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Natūralios medienos langai Jūsų namų šviesai ir šilumai...
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Aliuminio konstrukcijos - patogu, šviesu, patikima...
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Aliuminio konstrukcijos - patogu, šviesu, patikima...
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Aliuminio konstrukcijos - patogu, šviesu, patikima...

Scandinavian type wooden windows

    • These windows are dedicated to the Scandinavian market, but increasingly they have to be mounted in Baltic countries as well.
    • They are opened outwards, therefore not only is the premises space is saved, but even when strong winds blow, the panel is pressed even more to the middleware and thus the maximum tightness in ensured.
    • There is a very wide choice of the opening of the Scandinavian type windows;
    • The area of the window frame is smaller, therefore they look lighter and more modern and the area of their window package is larger than that of the European type windows.
    • We can fetter the windows with aluminum from the outside, resulting in the windows becoming maximally long lived.

    The wooden window frame is produced from the highest quality glued pinewood. Scandinavian type wooden windows are distinguished by a very wide supply of types of opening, which is easy to apply to any architectural solution. The windows can open to the side, to the top, turn around or open, depending on your needs.

    Our windows are equipped with Danish IPA beslag accessories.

    One or two chamber wooden windows can be chosen. The thermal properties of the window, which can range from U 0.8W/m2K to 1.4 W/m2K, will depend on it. When using a selective glass package of one argon chamber with a “warm frame”, the window thermal conductivity is U 1.3 W/m2K.


    You can choose one of the colors of the RAL palette. We recommend coating the outside of the wooden window with dye and the outside part of the window can be:

    • Coated with the same color as the outside of the window (the most economical);

    • Coated with another color from the RAL palette.

    • Lacquered with a clear varnish and left with the color of natural wood.

    • Lacquered with a clear varnish, providing the window with the desired shade.

    • Oiled (for mahogany wood – both inside and outside).

    The aluminum fettering:

    From the outside of the window, aluminum coatings provide maximum protection to the wood from the undesired atmospheric factors, allowing the wood to “breathe” at the same time. Special care is not needed for such windows. We use the wood-aluminum window system of a German company GUTMANN  NORDWIN. The aluminum profiles are dyed with the powder method in accordance with any color of the RAL palette or are used by providing them with a shade of silver.

    All of the wooden windows we produce are granted a 5-year warranty!